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Artisan Electrics.jpg

EV-Ultra® has been a game changer for us when installing electric vehicle charging points as it allows us to future proof all our installs and provide data/ct connections neatly without having to run a separate data cable. We only use EV-Ultra® as standard for all our installs now as we want the best for our customers.

Artisan Electrics

Essex Vehicle Charging.png

Never used anything else in the last 18 months, would struggle to do our job without it.

Essex Vehicle Charging

CableSmith Electrical.JPG

EV-Ultra® cable makes installations much neather than running a separate cat5e cable, very innovative solution indeed. And being from a trusted brand like Doncaster Cables, you can't go wrong at all.

Cablesmith Electrical Services

NSN EV.png

The best cable around for EV charger installations. Not just neater as an all in one cable, but more efficient with time saves on installs.

NSN Electrical

Infinity Electrical.png

I have used this cable a few times now and it's a gamechanger! Makes the job 100% neater! Saves you running 2 separate cables cables. It's easy to work with as it's Doncaster Cables which in my opinion is the best cable brand out there!

Infinity Electrical Wales

Ev-olved Electrical.jfif

Always use EV-Ultra® on my EVCP installs, great product, easy to use and looks fantastic. Nice one.

Ev-olved Electrical

BR Electrical.PNG

It's much easier to use and install. Looks much tidier on the finished job.

B&R Electrics

Goldsmith & Sons.png

Used it yesterday, gamechanger for EV installs

Goldsmith & Sons


We use it on every installation. It's quality.

Parklive UK



RS Electrix

Sussex Solar and Electrical.jpg

Absolutely amazing cable, used EV-Ultra® recently on a solar install as we needed a 2c for a monitoring CT

Sussex Solar & Electrical

Shearing Electrical Services.jpg

I was helping a friend out on a job the other week doing some Zappi chargers. He was using your EV-Ultra® cable and I have to say I'll be using it on my jobs. Saves time running in Cat5 cable also and looks so much neater.

Shearing Electrical Services

JDY Electrical.jpg

EV-Ultra® makes life easier. Neater and more efficient than running 2 cables and saves time. This is our go-to cable.

JDY Electrical

It's the go-to cable for anything EEV related! It makes for a neat professional installation!

Ev Car Charging Points

RPO Electrical.png

Having used Doncaster Cables EV-Ultra® on a few occasions, I can happily recommend it to anyone installing EV chargers. It simplifies the process on both install and with overall quality of finish from a appearance perspective. 

RPO Electrical

Jay the Spark.PNG

Having used this on a few occasions now, I can honestly say it just makes life easier and gives a neater job! Using the correct cable for the job has a few benefits, being easier to install as it's one cable, not having to run a separate one, plus aesthetically it's a better finishing too. Doncaster is my preferred cable brand too so you know it's going to be spot on


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