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EV-Ultra® is an innovative cable designed and manufactured by Doncaster Cables, designed for electric vehicle charge points. EV-Ultra® incorporates power conductors and data within the same cable, making it neater, faster, and easier to install. Helping to develop the EV infrastructure to get the UK driving more electric vehicles.


EV-Ultra® is designed with the highest quality materials, meaning it can operate at a higher temperature with a smaller conductor size than most other cables. EV-Ultra® is manufactured using the highest quality materials, allowing it to achieve a maximum operating temperature of 90°c


EV-Ultra® works well with popular brands such as...


We supply stripping tools that we have found work perfectly with EV-Ultra®




EV-Ultra® is available from stockists across the UK, please contact us for more information

sales@doncastercables.com | 01302 821700

Doncaster, United Kingdom


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